Since I began this blog with the hope that it becomes a useful resource for students of Arabic , I should mention other websites that I myself have found helpful in my own learning process, particularly for learning dialect, for which there are very few educational materials.

1. Arabic Learning Resources

Any list of educational websites for learning Arabic dialect(s) would be incomplete without this one. The author himself is a highly advanced learner who has focused mainly on the Egyptian dialect. But it’s useful even if you’re learning a dialect other than Egyptian, since many of the changes that exist in Egyptian happen in other dialects as well. Also there’s a gargantuan list of Arabic learning links.

2. Arabic Song Lyrics and Translation

A large collection of songs in Arabic, of various dialects as well as Modern Standard Arabic, with transcriptions of lyrics plus translations.

3. The Arabic Student

A good blog if you want to learn Levantine Arabic. This guy gives transcriptions of short video clips, mostly from TV shows, along with helpful explanations. This is very helpful considering the fact that transcriptions are hard to come by even for materials in Fuṣħā, and pretty much non-existent for dialects.

4. LangMedia

A large collection of videos of native Arabic speakers from several dialects speaking about a bunch of different topics. It’s very helpful because it has complete transcriptions, although its usefulness is limited due to the fact that the language isn’t exactly natural, i.e. 1-on-1 taped interviews are not the most likely form of language that you’ll encounter in daily life.

5. Aratools

A great online dictionary. It gives concise and accurate translations, not the information overload of Hans Wehr, nor the randomness of Google Translate. It also presents Arabic words with all the vowel markings, which is critical for learning new vocab. And if you have an iPhone or an iPad you can download the app and have a fast and reliable Arabic dictionary with you wherever you go.