This is a blog dedicated to English-speaking students of Arabic. It is intended specifically for those students who already have a background in Modern Standard Arabic (فصحى), but who want to learn a spoken dialect of Arabic (عامية). I will primarily focus on the Levantine dialect group, which is spoken in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan. But I will also make mention of other significant dialects.

I myself am a student of Arabic of 3 years, and I’ve recently focused my studies on the Levantine dialect group. I’ve lived 2 years in the Middle East, first in Aleppo, Syria and currently in Amman, Jordan. My own dialect is essentially Syrian, but with a significant admixture of Jordanian.

For audio recordings, I will make use of native speakers as much as possible. My primary source for this is an urban Jordanian male of rural Palestinian origin, who grew up in Irbid but currently resides in Amman. In some cases I will use my own voice recordings.